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Amanda Redman

The Rock HotelAmanda Redman

Amanda Redman, an acclaimed English actress, stands out for her dynamic talent and versatility on stage and screen. Her career, spanning several decades, is highlighted by her compelling performance as Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman in the BBC One series "New Tricks." Redman's depth in acting and her commitment to mentoring young actors have earned her a revered place in the British acting community.

Redman's professional journey brought her to Gibraltar in an episode of "New Tricks," specifically "The Rock: Part Two" from the series. The episode was released on 13th August 2013. She stayed at the Rock Hotel on 27th November 2012.

This episode uniquely intertwined the storyline with the vibrant locale of Gibraltar, allowing the characters, including Redman's Sandra Pullman, to explore the mysteries and histories embedded in the territory. The narrative weaves together the Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad's investigative prowess with the picturesque and strategically significant landscape of Gibraltar. Redman's character, with her keen detective skills and leadership, navigates through the complexities of the case while engaging with the local environment and culture. The episode showcases Gibraltar's appeal, from its historic sites to its panoramic views, making it an integral environment in the storyline. Through this engagement, Redman contributed to bringing a more modern Gibraltar to the forefront of the audience's imagination, intertwining the territory’s charm with the captivating storytelling of "New Tricks."

The visit to Gibraltar was not just a narrative device but a celebration of the region's cultural and scenic beauty, serving as a perfect backdrop for the series' blend of humour, drama, and mystery.


New Tricks at Gibraltar