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John Mills

The Rock HotelJohn Mills

Sir John Mills was an illustrious British actor, whose career spanned over seven decades. With more than 100 films under his belt, Mills was renowned for his portrayals of earnest and resilient characters that resonated with audiences worldwide. 

His performance as Harvey in “I Was Monty's Double” stands out, not only for the critical acclaim it garnered but also for the film's direct connection to Gibraltar in early 1958. He also last visited the Rock Hotel on 14th November 2000.

I Was Monty's Double is a film based on the true story of a remarkable World War II deception operation, involving the use of a Montgomery lookalike to mislead German forces. Part of this movie was filmed in Gibraltar, which was no coincidence, underlining the territory's strategic significance during the war. Mills's portrayal of Harvey, immersed in the covert operations and espionage tactics that defined much of the Allied efforts during the war. The film, through its narrative and choice of location, pays homage to the unsung heroes and strategic manoeuvres that contributed to the Allied victory. Moreover, the film's production in Gibraltar brought a spotlight to the territory, showcasing its natural beauty and historical significance to a global audience. During his last visit to the Rock Hotel, he enjoyed the food and hospitality. He gave two portraits signed as a token of gratitude. 

His portrayal in the film serves as a cinematic bridge to the past by bringing to life a story linked to Gibraltar's wartime legacy.


John Mills visitor's book signature at The Rock Hotel.