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Prince Philip

The Rock HotelPrince Philip

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was a prominent figure in the British Royal Family, known for his dedication to public service and his support for numerous charitable causes. Married to Queen Elizabeth II for over seven decades, his royal duties took him around the globe, engaging with diverse communities and cultures. 

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, alongside Queen Elizabeth II, made a significant visit to Gibraltar on May 10th, 1954.

This visit was part of a broader royal tour that included various Commonwealth countries. During their time in Gibraltar, the royal couple engaged in a packed schedule, including a review of 3,000 servicemen from the Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force, which drew around 15,000 spectators. A royal gun salute of 21 guns was fired in their honour, and they participated in ten ceremonies over 13 hours. One of the notable moments was their visit to General Eliott’s Monument and their participation in planting a tree in the Alameda Gardens, symbolizing their contribution to Gibraltar's natural heritage. The visit is remembered as one of the "greatest days in Gibraltar's history," highlighting the deep connections between Gibraltar and the British Royal Family. Here, at the Rock Hotel he was served a lavish lunch with more than 80 guests. Before the lunch, he mingled with the guests at a cocktail party. He saw trays of salmon, caviar, and wines being passed around, but he declined them all. He only asked for “a glass of water, please”. Additionally, Prince Philip was known for his unique sense of humour and memorable remarks during his travels. On one of his visits, he made a light-hearted comment comparing journalists to monkeys, which garnered laughter among the people.

These instances from Prince Philip's visits to Gibraltar and his contributions to the community through the Duke of Edinburgh's Award reflect his enduring legacy and the deep respect he garnered both in Gibraltar and globally.


Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth with Gibraltar Macaque

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth arriving Gibraltar.

Prince Philip's long association with the Rock

Death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh