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Timothy Dalton

The Rock HotelTimothy Dalton

Timothy Dalton, a distinguished British actor, is celebrated for his portrayals of complex characters across a wide range of genres, but he is perhaps best known for his role as James Bond in "The Living Daylights" (1987) and "Licence to Kill" (1989). His interpretation of the iconic spy was marked by a return to the character's darker, more serious roots, as originally conceived by author Ian Fleming.

His visit to Gibraltar held a special significance, drawing parallels to the thrilling opening sequence of "The Living Daylights" which was famously filmed on the Rock of Gibraltar itself. All of the scenes in Gibraltar took place from 29th September 1986 to 13th February 1987. 

The choice of Gibraltar as a filming location for "The Living Daylights" was driven by its dramatic landscape and strategic significance, which perfectly complemented the thrilling and action-packed opening sequence of the movie. The sequence involved Dalton's character parachuting onto the Rock, followed by a high-speed chase that showcased his skills and determination, setting a new tone for the Bond character that was closer to the original vision of the novels. This sequence is notable for introducing Dalton's Bond with a high level of action and suspense, setting the tone for his portrayal of the character as more serious and grittier, in line with Ian Fleming's original vision. Dalton, reading the script said: "On those pages I discovered a Bond I’d never seen on the screen, a quite extraordinary man, a man I really wanted to play, a man of contradictions and opposites." 

The film contributed to the enduring popularity of James Bond movies and highlighted Gibraltar's cinematic allure, attracting fans and tourists interested in the locations used for this iconic series.


Timothy Dalton filming 'The Living Daylights'.

Timothy Dalton visitor's book signature at The Rock Hotel.

007 James Bond: The Living Daylights (1987).