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Signature Dish: Soufflé

The Rock HotelSoufflé

Soufflé, that rises to any occasion
It takes years of discipline, and precisely 15 minutes (not a minute less, not a minute more,) for our talented chefs to create Gibraltars only award-winning Soufflé.

Their secret?... Ah, that would be telling! Considered the prima donna of the culinary world, the Soufflé is an exquisite dessert originating in the late 1700s for French aristocracy and royalty.

Our Soufflé is a warm, velvety delight, with a delectable icing sugared top, with praline and melt in your mouth chocolate.  During the very warm summer months of July, August and September we offer a more refreshing Chilled Lemon Soufflé scented with fresh mint.