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Tagine - The Soulful Flavour of Morocco

The Rock HotelTagine - The Soulful Flavour of Morocco

Intense in flavour and limitless in possibilities, our Moroccan Lamb or Chicken Tagine dishes give our award-winning Executive Chef the perfect opportunity to draw upon Morocco's rich heritage, from it’s marrying and complimenting of distinctive flavours to it’s cooking styles refined over the centuries. It takes a little planning, but it is certainly worth it.

With influencers such as the Phonecians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, The Arabs, the Spaniards and the French, a unique culinary culture exists exclusive to Gibraltar and it’s soulful neighbours, that has been embraced by The Rock Hotel’s world class Restaurant since 1932.

Our Tagine's are an authentic, fresh, deep, musky, warm and unforgettable experience, with regional and seasonal spices, herbs & vegetables, and a premium Lamb shank or high quality Chicken.  Availability may vary from season to season. Please consult prior to booking.