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Over generations it has become engrained into Gibraltarian life and culture, a legacy of successive historical sieges over 1000’s of years, and which makes Gibraltar a unique place on earth to visit. This diversity is perfectly illustrated through its annual gastronomy festival ‘Calentita’ which takes place on June 18th.

In the late 1700’s and 1800’s merchants from Malta, Italy, North Africa and beyond, serviced the stationed British Garrison on the Rock. The population was bolstered further by migrants from Spain and Portugal. Food from these regions is reflected in local customised dishes.

The festival ‘Calentita’ was named after Gibraltar’s unofficial national dish which finds its roots in the Italian recipe ‘Farinata’ and is made from a simple dough of seasoned chickpea flour, mixed together with oil and baked in a hot oven. It is enjoyed as a tapa or appetiser.

The food fest attracts hundreds of people, who in addition to sampling food from around the globe, are able to enjoy a wealth of attractions and activities as part of the festival.