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The History Of The Rock Hotel

The Rock HotelHistory

The Rock Hotel was built by John Chrichton-Stuart, the Marquis of Bute in 1932 and it was acquired by its present owners, The Bland Group in 1959. 

Like the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, The Rock has been a magnet for royalty and the rich and famous such as Sir Winston Churchill, Errol Flynn, Alec Guinness and Sean Connery, John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The hotel has always been a popular favourite among stars and locals alike, as they all want to be a part of this long lasting and historical monument that has been loved and experienced by so many. One could say that the history of The Rock Hotel is part of the history of Gibraltar itself. Because of its popularity, posters and postcards have been made since the early 1970's depicting the hotel as the best place to stay in Gibraltar. You can still find them around Gibraltar today!

A few years ago, the Rock Hotel was the venue for BBC’s ‘New Tricks’ which was shot on the property while the cast stayed in the hotel which remains the preferred choice for visiting celebrities and dignitaries today due to its pristine services and amenities. All of these famous visitors that have stayed and enjoyed the hotel are immortalised in the hotel's ‘Hall of Fame’ gallery on the ground floor.

Today the hotel’s 1930’s origins are evident in the subtle colours and timeless décor which combines elements of Gibraltar’s colonial heritage with more contemporary touches.