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Gibraltar Main Street

The Rock HotelGibraltar Main Street

Main Street Gibraltar seems, from an outsider’s point of view, when one visits or views it as if to be Mardis Gras in New Orleans, or Disney World, or a bit of both rolled into one pleasant and inexpensive package. 
Main Street in Gibraltar is of course, like Main Street in any other town in the world in that it is probably named appropriately, and is most likely the main street. In Gibraltar, Main Street is this and a touch more. It is in fact the only large street, and is the main site of both commerce, shopping, night life and day to day needs. 
Running north and south through Gibraltar, the streets are lined with hurrying residents, the hustle and the chat a constant undertone as you move down pavement lined with buildings that could have come from any one of a plethora of cities worldwide. 
Gibraltar Main Street Gibraltar has been largely pedestrianised, its sidewalks lined, as if for your amusement with buildings that offer up a rich diversity, styled as they are in Portuguese, Spanish, Moorish, British and Genoan style and architecture. 
Most of the buildings you are faced with will provide shops on the lower floors, reminiscent of the much vaunted Portabellow Road, you can find anything on Main Street Gibraltar, from antiques to dry goods to restaurants to drinks and alcohol, while the upper floors of these interesting buildings offer a variety of different spaces, from residences to offices.